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Hi! I'm Nishal, I'm a Software developer who likes working with low-level software (Compilers, Operating Systems, Binary analysis...). At my day job I develop software to secure mobile applications using the LLVM compiler framework and at night I'm batman I try to learn German. Some of my recent obsessions include NixOS and setting up my own homeserver. I've also taken up reading as a hobby and I'm always in search of a good book.

I created this website hoping to share ideas and opinions on stuff I find interesting. You can find all the articles I have written on the blog page.



Arcadia Linux

An Arch based Linux Distribution



A X11 tiling based window manager written in C++


Personal portofolio website and blog built using GatsbyJS (P.S. It's this website).

Quantum Adventures

Short and simple programs I wrote while learning quantum computing using qiskit.


Data Structures and Algorithms for competitive programming



Files responsible for making my desktop environment and other applications look pretty.